Optimized Testing with CloudXPM

Our platform elevates scenario testing, blending simplicity in creation with advanced monitoring and evaluation.

From constructing scenarios to executing and analyzing them, every step is intuitively designed for peak efficiency. It's ideal for developers seeking high-quality results without the complexity of traditional methods.

Empower your team with a tool where scenario development is not just accessible, but also an enriching and effective experience.
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CloudXPM Connector Usage Manual
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Cloud Application and Network Performance Management

A compact service that combines application and network performance management within a cloud framework. We offer comprehensive monitoring capabilities and quality assurance (QA) features.

Why CloudXPM?

Mobile App Quality Inspection

Boost your app's performance with our advanced quality inspection tool.

Experience the ease of mobile checks and wireless testing, guaranteeing flawless app functionality everywhere, every time.

Effortless 24/7 QA Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor your app's performance around the clock with our user-friendly solution, ensuring optimal functionality without the need for manual oversight.

Advanced Quality Analytics

Stay ahead in the competitive market by benchmarking your app against competitors, assessing regional network speeds, and rigorously testing before and after updates.

Our service delivers comprehensive quality statistics for superior app optimization.

Streamlined Scenario Creation
Create, Click, Assure: Code-Free QA
Transform your quality assurance process with our one-click scenario builder. Craft robust test scenarios effortlessly using an intuitive instruction set, no complex coding required.

Launch your tailored scenario with just one click of the START button, seamlessly integrating it into your monitoring and QA routine.
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Cloud XPM Connector APP + Appium Log, ADB Log by session + 100 hours per month

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